VISTA five

VISTA five

DAIHYAKU Real Estate Co.,LTD presents 
VISTA five    June, 2015 completed!!
Great location!  It is walking distance from Naval base.
Brand new article and the latest facilities. Security camera and Auto-lock entrance door.
Enjoy the view of Sasebo bay.
5 charms of VISTA five
1. Beautiful view of Sasebo bay and green mountains from long balcony.
2. Walking distance from Naval base in Sasebo.
3. Security camera at the entrance and parking lot. Automatic self-locking on the first floor.
4. Wide living room and bed rooms with closet.
5. Free internet, Wi-Fi in all of the unit.

The whole picture

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While picture

Find this building from main base. You can see that it's walking distance.
There is a bus stop next to the building.
Two-color tower to raise highly is the best part.
Entrance to the building
Logo mark of "VISTA five"
Parking on the first floor. There is security camera on the floor and basement.
Entrance of the parking area
Security camera
Garbage space. You don't need to buy the expensive "Sasebo city designated garbage bag". Use clear plastic bag that you can buy on base.


Monitor of a security camera
Entrance hall with green
You can go to the parking on the basement by the elevator.

Living room

Getting sun-light into the living room.
(※Curtains will be installed)
Windows and closet in each bed room. 
The view of dinning space from bed room#1. There is no wall but slide doors in between. Looks wide open.
Kitchen and dinning space. Wi-fi is installed.
Kitchen is on the conner so there's no space to waste.


Kitchen with abundant drawers

Clean and big kitchen tub
3 gas stoves
Fish grill
Kitchen fan. Easy to clean.
Useful store space
There is even storage above the kitchen.

Bath room and toilet

Convenience moveable shower
Stretch your legs and relax in a long bath tub.
The tub is long so you can stretch your legs.
Sink and a space for washing machine
Sink with shower
Clean toilet with bidet
A shelf and a towel hanger in the rest room

vacant situation

Route map

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