U.S.Navy & Civilians | 佐世保市の不動産は第百不動産

U.S.Navy & Civilians

Welcome to Daihyaku Real Estate Co.,LTD. website!
Daihyaku real estate Co., LTD. presents premises, as apartments and houses for U.S.Navy sailors and civilians in Sasebo, Japan.
We select premises for singles and families who want to live in cho of the central Sasebo, Northern and Southern, Western areas.
We also have premises in Kosaza, Yoshii and Sechibaru-cho areas and Western area with full of nature, convenient Southern area with Large commercial facilities etc…
We will present premises according to your needs and life style.
Please take your time to search for what you like.

The information changes often and please contact us if you don't find one you like.
We will ask your request and try to find premises for you.

Nice housing areas and activities on "99 islands",
"Shirahama beach" and "Pearl Sea Resort".
They have Oyster festival in Winter.
Not much traffic during a day.
Suggest for families.


Main base is located in the central of Sasebo.
A long arcade  (Ginza) with many shops and activities.
Go to Fukuoka by train from "Sasebo train staition" and bus from the depot.
Islands in Goto from "Yorozu ferry terminal".
Great transportation and it's so convenience!

There are a big shopping center and D.I.Y shops, furniture shops.
Our recommendation tourist spot "Huis Ten Bosch" is modeled on some towns of The Netherlands and where all of the adults and children can enjoy together.
The area is still growing!

There are few big sightseeing spots,
but has abundant history of ceramics and lots of nature. 
Hover-board, Fly-board, Banana boat etc…
Enjoy marine activities in Ohsaki beach.

ピタットハウス佐世保中央店 株式会社第百不動産

※ピタットハウスの加盟店は独立自営であり、 各店舗の責任のもと運営をしております。